Chef James Gavin

Originally from Guilderland,  Owner/Chef James Gavin was lured into the culinary world when his passion for the food industry was recognized at an early age. James Gavin (JP) went on to study the culinary arts at the Schenectady Community  College, where he learned to develop his own unique style and flair. He continued with his career in several Manhattan restaurants and hotels.

Over the years, JP moved all over the country including Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii spending time on fishing boats, restaurants and owning his own construction business. He also travel through Thailand, Vietnam, and south America. Many cultural influences  helped shape his style and depth of knowledge. After moving to back to Albany New York where he settled down with his partner and wife Margaret Carciobolo together they pursue their culinary career in the restaurant and catering company while enjoying every spare moment with their children. JP’s culinary philosophy and passion reflects the growing trend towards a healthier and down-to-earth lifestyle. Working with neighboring farmers to seek out the finest in regional and local organic produce, is the essence of his cuisine. JP’s preference is to allow the natural flavors of food to express themselves.

In addition to cooking, JP’s passion is to develop younger chefs to discover their own talents in the same way that he was encouraged. He believes whole-heartedly in staying active, continuously learning and always having fun with new and innovated dishes.